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If you simple want to return your boots please use our RETURN REQUEST FORM. Thank you.


Our goal is your complete satisfaction with our products and service.
The Boot Pros provides a quick and hassle-free process for getting your order returned. It starts with requesting
a Exchange Authorization (RA) number for the return. Please complete and submit the form below.

Exchange Authorization Request Form  * = Required

Reason for Exchange:
I want to replace my current style and size. *
I want to try a different size in the same style.*
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By submitting a request for a product exchange, you indicate that you have READ, UNDERSTAND and AGREE to our Order Exchange Terms and Policies as indicated and expressed below on this form page.

TheBootPros LLC reserves the right to inspect the condition all footwear returned for an exchange based on our Order Exchange Terms and Policies as indicated and expressed below on this form page. TheBootPros LLC reserves the right to accept and/or refuse any footwear returned for an exchange based on our Order Exchange Terms and Policies as indicated and expressed below on this form page.

(Just return the boots in the same condition you received them - new. Exceptions to our terms and policies require verbal authorization from our customer service department.)


Exchanges are inevitable. 10% of our customers request an exchange. We will accept the exchange of any footwear item you have ordered as long as the following conditions are strictly met:

Footwear item (work boots) must NOT show any evidence of wear or damage; scuffing on the leather upper or bottom of outsole due to use on or around abrasive materials and/or surfaces. Please inspect your boots carefully - your returned footwear product must appear new - scratches, cuts, dents to the leather upper, including dirt, dust, asphalt on any part of the footwear product is considered "wear or damage" by our definition. Our maximum purchase credit offer for footwear products displaying "wear or damage" is 85% of the original footwear product cost to the customer. Footwear product returned with "wear or damage" cannot be returned to the factory as new product, and therefore, is resold as pre-worn or used merchandise.

We treat an exchange as a new order. For simplicity, there are two ways to get your replacement boot order:

1) Call us toll-free at 1-800-723-5384 (during normal business hours) and we will process your exchange AND replacement order over the your convenience.

2) Upon receipt of your exchange request we will contact you by phone to process your replacement order.

For your protection, we do not retain credit card information from any previous order, therefore, payment details are required to complete the replacement order.

A PREPAID UPS RETURN SHIPPING label will be sent via email upon completion of a replacement order in your name.

Returns require an RA number. Upon receipt of an exchange request, an RA number will be sent via email. Please read the instructions and additional details in our email response to this request. When we receive your original boot order package we will make every attempt to refund your credit card account within one business week. Please keep in mind, the refund may or may not show up in your account until your bank activates the electronic transfer.

•  DO NOT RETURN BOOTS directly to the Weinbrenner Shoe Company unless specifically arranged and/or requested by representatives of TheBootPros LLC.

REGULAR CUSTOMERS, who have paid in full, will be reimbursed for the purchase price of the boots minus a $3 restocking fee
and the original $7.50 handling fee for each pair returned. Also, any customer-requested express shipping costs (if applicable) are non-refundable. For customers making "Perfect Fit Option" returns, the original service charge for the Perfect Fit option and the original $7.50 handling fee are non-refundable.

EZ2PAY CUSTOMERS, using the delayed payemnt option, will be charged, per their original agreement, the remaining balance
due on the order before an exchange shipping label and replacement order is processed. Customers will not be charged the standard additional restocking and handling fees. All exchange terms and policies still apply.

Custom-made footwear sold as a "Special Make" item is non-returnable, non-refundable.

Footwear sold as a "SuperSaver" item is non-returnable, non-refundable.

We cannot guarantee that the replacement product will be in-stock. However, we will contact you via phone or e-mail if your
style or size is unavailable.

Items should be packed in their original boxes and returned using our UPS prepaid return shipping label. CODs are not accepted.
Please retain any tracking numbers provided by the shipper for reference purposes.

Purchase credits or refunds may take 1-2 billing cycles to appear on your statement.

Identity Protection Policy: The Boot Pros does not retain any critical details of credit card transactions that could lead
to any customer's identity being compromised or account information being misused. Therefore, if we help you with your exchange (replacement boot order), we will ask you for your credit card information.


Your business is important to us. Providing outstanding customer service is equally as important to us.
If we can be of any further help - give us a call.

Toll-free 1-800-723-5384  |  9 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., CST Monday-Friday